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There are some people who are worth risking many things for. This is true. I know one very dear to me, may even be my soul mate I believe. but now is not the time for love, or for any of that. he has a life to live and so do i. i wouldn’t jeopardize my dreams for anything. they are my true love. i wouldn’t ever risk anything on a small moment of pleasure, happiness. i see the big picture, and let me tell you, i’m willing to slave to put it in my frame. i don’t hear doubts, i don’t see anything in my way, so therefore, why not? not saying people don’t doubt me or there aren’t obstacles, i just don’t pay them any attention. everyone has a selfish side to them, i let mine show a little more for my future. insecurities are what stop people. risk it, or you won’t receive it.


Not to sure if it’s for me, the whole idea of giving of yourself 100% whom just flaunts the idea of being the one for you, doesn’t really make sense to me. it’s risky and kind of stupid, honesty. i mean i did it, duh. so i learned from experience and as much as i’d love to say it was everything i wanted it to be, it wasn’t. i was kinda trapped in a way, although, it was no one’s fault, just mine. i had no one to blame but me, but that’s the past. i’m talking about the future. i don’t love games are for me, their reckless and boring. i don’t feel like putting on a fake face saying i’m in love when i’m truly not. i thought i was in love not even 5 months ago, but of course that too faded. it was infatuation, because everytime i saw an ugly side i was not in love anymore. love is kinda lame. but thats just my opinion.